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ISSN 2073-0861
eISSN 2782-5396
Information for Authors

Information for Authors

The Publishing House of the Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution “Psychological Institute of the Russian Academy of Education” accepts for publication original completed scientific and practice-oriented works in relevant areas of psychology, made in various genres: theoretical and methodological articles; articles describing empirical research results; short messages; reviews of domestic and foreign literature; comments on previously published materials; book reviews; messages and reports on scientific events, and other information materials.

Theoretical and Experimental Psychology Journal does not accept manuscripts previously published in print or electronic editions. According to the Journal requirements, until a decision is made to publish an article, the Author does not have the right to submit it to other Publishers.

Before submitting a manuscript to the Editorial Office of the Journal, all Authors must refer to the “Guidelines for Manuscript Design in the Journal of Theoretical and Experimental Psychology” including the Style File as well. Style File is a template for designing articles adopted by the Journal.

The manuscript volume must correspond to the volume established by the Journal (refer to the Guidelines for Manuscript Design).

The Guidelines for Manuscript Design will allow the Authors to navigate not only in the structure, but also in the content of the materials being prepared for publication.

All manuscripts are submitted to the Editorial Office in electronic form.

Submitted Package of Documents should include

  1. A file containing Manuscript with illustrative materials inside (if any). The manuscript should include the following sections: title of the article, surname and initials of the authors, information about the authors: academic degree, titles, place of work or study, city and country, ORCID number (ORCID: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX), e-mail address, abstract and keywords in Russian and English, tabular and graphic attachments (in Russian and English), bibliography.
  2. A file containing the original data of illustrations in the program in which they were made. Figures and schemes should be only black-and-white (black elements on a white background), presented in jpeg or tiff formats with an extension of 300 dpi without compression.
  3. Completed Author Information Form indicating ORCID

In addition, the Licensed Copyright Agreement (in doc. format) is concluded with all Authors.

To draw up the Agreement the following information is required:

  • Full name
  • contact details (e-mail, phone)
  • passport number, by whom and when issued
  • address (place of registration and address for correspondence).

The above list of documents is mandatory. In the absence of the listed documents, the manuscript will not be considered by the Editorial Office.

To submit manuscripts to the Editorial Office, Authors can use one of the following options:

  • send a complete package of documents to the e-mail address of the Editorial Office;
  • personally bring a package of documents to the Editorial Office of the Journal on electronic media (flash memory).

For more information about all of the above rules for design and preparation of articles, see the document: “Guidelines for Manuscript Design in the Journal of Theoretical and Experimental Psychology”.